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April 2015

Math Test Tube Activity [Freebie]

Howdy ya’ll! Wow, it’s hard to believe that the school year is almost over. 29 days, 23 hours, 20 minutes, and 29 seconds until school is over… but who is counting anyways? These past couple of weeks I have been M.I.A. I had surgery about two weeks ago, took a week off to recover, and had KRT (Kindergarten Readiness Testing) the week I got back for the incoming kindergarteners. I’ve been very busy lately to say the least.

Even though it has been very busy past couple of weeks, it has also been a very exciting time. Yes, that’s right, I’ve got some GREAT news!

1. A FREEBIE! Yes, that’s right! I’ve been working diligently on this Math Test Tube Freebie! I posted about it prior to my surgery, but I haven’t had a chance to post it yet. So.. here it is! I got the idea from the amazing Mr. Greg from The Kindergarten Smorgasboard. Go check him out!

I purchased all the necessary supplies and materials from Amazon! Here is what you will need:

What to Purchase
To get this FREEBIE Click Here! 

1.Test Tubes – The test tubes are
from Amazon. They’re durable plastic test tubes that are great for this activity. Click the picture below to check them out or Click Here!

2.Star Beads – Regular pony beads
will NOT work for this. They will move around the test tube. I suggest star
beads from Amazon. They have a variety of different colors you can use too! Click the picture below to check them out or Click Here!

3.Waterproof Glue – No 5 year old
would EVER open the lid and pour the water out. Never! Ever! Trust me, you’ll need this waterproof glue! Click the picture below to check them out or Click Here!

2. I’ve successfully completed one of the most stressful, time-consuming graduate level courses ever. I’m currently heading back to WMU (Go Broncos!) to complete a degree in Educational Leadership M.Ed.

3. Lastly, I was contacted by the amazing Ellison Education to be part of their… wait for it… wait for it.. Ellison Education Teacher Blog Team!

I’ll be sharing curriculum-based projects and/or children’s crafts created with Ellison Education dies. I’ll also be writing brief articles meant to bring you helpful hints on things like classroom organization, teacher hacks, and more. Be sure to check out Ellison’s blog: Click Here!

That’s all for now! Have a great week!