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July 2015

Transform Your Classroom with Customized Supply Stations!

Back to school supplies have hit local supermarkets, and teachers are starting to get their classrooms ready for the upcoming school year! It may seem too early for some to be thinking about going back to school already, but I’m super ready to head back! Today I am blogging over on the Ellison Education Blog!

Transform your classroom with customized supply stations! This fun project will help you with classroom decor AND organization. Read our how-to with step outs: Click Here

Happy die-cutting,

Wrap Up Back To School Gifts with Expressionery and World Market

It is super crazy hard to believe that is almost time for
‘Back To School’!!!  Being a teacher is
such a gift.  Summertime is a great break
but going back into the classroom means getting a new family of kiddos and
spending time with awesome teaching friends. 
Lots of times teachers work together in grade levels.  What a fun idea to go back the first day of
teacher work week with gifts for the grade level team.

These were put together as a part of campaign showing how
well the customized stamps from Expressionery that are designed by Laura Kelly
work with the gift products and wrapping items sold at World Market.  Look at all this great stuff!
These kraft tags make it so simple to create a custom gift
When they are tied on to the gift, ta da…
All of the packaging materials came from World Market, along
with the gifts inside the popcorn boxes. 
There is a gift for a crafty teammate, a chocoholic and a caffeine
lover.  One of the great things about
these is that they are totally cost effective for a teacher.  Which one would you want? I always think custom gifts are such a lovely touch. There is nothing quite like a unique gift! One year, my class bought me some custom t shirts with our school logo on them. I still treasure them to this day and wear them all the time! They are truly one of a kind pieces and so much effort went into making them.
Anyway, there are tons of great ways to mix it up with Laura Kelly
stamps for Expressionery and World Market. 
Check out the others here…

And enter to win this amazing prize…a $250 VISA gift card, a custom stamp and a $100 gift card to World Market.

Have fun creating,

The Guys of Primary

Happy Friday! Wow! A lot has happened within the past two weeks. I am finally back from Las Vegas for the I Teach K! and TeachersPayTeachers Conference. I had a BLAST and I learned so much too!

One of the most amazing things about being a teacher blogger is the people you meet.   It’s amazing to be surrounded by so many like-minded people!  People who share your passion for teaching and kids.  People who get excited about school supplies and smelly markers! People who want to be the best possible teacher they can so they give their students the best possible education! People who get you! Those online relationships are so vital in a day when teaching faces such negativity! People who would do anything for you and can make you laugh hysterically! Giving students an education is a brillaint feeling for a teacher to have, they are shaping the minds of young people. There are staff development for educators courses that teachers can take to help develop their educational skills to benefit not only their career but the future of their students.

What’s even more incredible is when you get to meet those people in person. And even more incredible is when you meet these people and you connect like you’ve been friends forever!
That’s what happened when the three of us met for the first time in Las Vegas! We were instant friends and have definitely bonded for a lifelong friendship!

As we spent time together over the week, we had an epiphany! There needs to be more of a male primary teacher presence in the teacher blogging world! And so an idea was born!  (Note: these discussions and this idea might have been born at odd hours while roaming the Las Vegas strip, eating way too much food, zip-lining over Freemont Street, or just trying to get large groups of teachers to the right place at the right time),
Ladies and gentlemen, we’re super excited to announce the newest collaborative blog in teacher blogger world:
We are starting an all guy teaching blog! (Hold for applause!)
Right now, there are just the three of us.  We are working on a blog design (we already have our domain name and Instagram account!) and will be adding more dudes to our little gang!

We are thrilled to be bringing our unique perspective and ideas to the blogging world and we hope you’ll follow our blog and social media pages and spread the word!
Every huge announcement requires goodies, right? So, how about an epic giveaway!

One lucky winner will win ALL of the following prizes!
(Click each image to visit our amazing friends and sponsors!)

Enter below: (Make sure you use every entry so you get lots of entries and chances to win!)

Boogie Boards Makes Summer Traveling Fun!

How many of you constantly hear, “Are we there yet? What can I do? I’m bored.” If your child is asking any of these questions or making these remarks, it’s most likely you’re traveling to a summer gathering, going on vacation, or just driving to the grocery store! Keeping your child engaged in learning over the summer and on those long car rides can be difficult. However, why not make traveling and learning FUN and EXCITING with Boogie Boards! When traveling this summer, grab a Boogie Board to make those long car or plane rides fun and educational!

Boogie Boards are one of my favorite classroom tools to use in small groups, one-on-one instruction, or whole group instruction. These LCD Writing tablets are super easy to use and they keep students engaged! With one press of the ‘erase’ button at the top of the tablet, all your child’s work is gone in a flash! This makes it so easy to use over and over again and saves on paper too! Boogie Boards change the way we communicate with one another and they are great for ensuring that your child stays ‘sharp’ all summer long! Check out these fun, educational games and activities that you can play while traveling this summer:
Boogie Boards are a great way to practice printing letters! Have your child look for letters while traveling and write them down. They can also write both the uppercase and lowercase letters that they find too! Extend the activity by having the child tally or count how many times they see that letter on the trip or how many words they can come up with that start with the beginning sound of that letter! The possibilities are endless!

In Kindergarten rhyming words are very important! Practicing rhyming words prior to Kindergarten is important because there is a correlation between rhyming mastery and eventual reading preparedness. Give your child a word and ask them for a word that rhymes with that word. Have your child write down the words if they can or draw pictures instead! If your child draws pictures, write the word below the picture. This is a great way to show picture-to-text connections.

There are so many different possibilities with Boogie Boards! Boogie boards are not only amazing for writing, but also great for learning those math skills too! Have your child practice addition, subtraction, one more/one less, two more/two less, tallying, counting, etc.

Lastly, who doesn’t love a simple, fun game of tic-tac-toe! This game is all about strategy, critical thinking, and it is fun too! Boogie Boards are a great way to pass the time and stop your child from asking those annoying/pesky questions like, “Are we there yet?”

Boogie Board has a large number of different writing tablets that are perfect for children and adults too! Check out all of Boogie Board’s products on! Happy and safe travels to you and your family!

Happy 4th of July – Cupcake Toppers

Happy 4th of July from The Male Kindergarten Teacher Blog! I hope that you’re all having a wonderful, relaxing weekend and spending quality time with friends and family. Today I am blogging over on the Ellison Blog. Find out how to make these fun, simple cupcake toppers that will add a burst of fun to your festivities. Click here or click on the picture below to head on over to the Ellison blog. Grab your supplies and let’s get started!

Happy 4th of July! Stay safe!