Create & Decorate: Halloween Craft Project for Kids!

It’s pumpkin season and you know what that means: jack-o’-lanterns! One of my favorite childhood memories is carving pumpkins into a spooky, funny, or adorable jack-o’-lantern. Creativity in the classroom is very important to me. I try to make each lesson and craft as engaging as possible and allow my students to create their own masterpieces. Today I am blogging over on the Ellison Blog! I am excited to share with you an adorable pumpkin craft that is sure to get your students excited about Halloween and allow them to create their own works of art – minus the ooey gooey mess! I am also excited to share how you can use this adorable pumpkin die to create a fun teacher gift.

How cool is this scarecrow pumpkin? This is a great craft if you’re not able to celebrate Halloween at your school! Click here to find out how to make it!

Happy Halloween,

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