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July 2017

Back to School Cactus Craft for Kids


Cactus themed classrooms are all the rage right now! This fun and engaging cactus craft for kids and editable tags is the perfect way to start your school year! I am teaming up with Fiskars to provide you with five, back-to-school crafts throughout the week. This easy cactus craft for kids is the perfect craft for the first day of school, and it will have your students saying, “It’s going to be a sharp year!”

Please note that I am partnering with Fiskars and am compensated for my work. I received product free of charge, but all thoughts and opinions are 100% mine.

Fiskars scissors makes this back-to-school craft both fun and safe for my kindergarten students! Be sure to check out all educational products that Fiskars has to offer by Clicking Here. Let’s grab our supplies and let’s get started!

We all know that teachers always have hundreds of toilet paper rolls stored away for that perfect craft or activity. Well, I’ve got the perfect craft for you! This activity is great for working on cutting with your students, too! My favorite part of this activity is the FREE editable tags and craft template. You can download these items HERE.

Use these cactus toilet paper rolls as a perfect solution for storing your flair pens or those extra “sharp” pencils!

1. Download FREE Printable and Cut

Download the free craft template and print on green and white card stock, construction paper, or printer paper. Use Fiskars scissors to cut out the template. I highly recommend the Pointed-tip Kids Scissors (5″) or the Original Orange-handled Scissors™ (8″) scissors. I love how safe, comfy, and durable these scissors are, and they make cutting easy, too!

2. Organize Pieces for Assembly

Every student will need a green cactus base, two cactus arms, and 2 eyes for this project. Be sure your students do not cut off the “glue” tabs indicated on the arms of the cactus. If you would prefer your students to color their own cactus, print the template out on white card stock. This is a great opportunity for students to be creative and make it their own.

3. Adhere Eyes and Add Detail!

Adhere the eyes to your cactus body. Using a fine point and ultra fine point Sharpie permanent marker, add detail to the body of your cactus. Be sure your students have flipped over the paper so that the “glue” side of the body is on the table and the green side is facing up! Let your students be creative and come up with their own facial expression for their cactus.

4. Wrap Around Toilet Paper Roll & Add Finishing Touches

Adhere the body of your cactus around the toilet paper roll using adhesive. If you are using card stock, I highly recommend using glue dots or hot glue to make sure your cactus body stays on the toilet paper roll. Fold the two tabs on the arms of your cactus and adhere to the body.

5. Print Your Editable Tags

Add the final touch to this fun, cactus craft by downloading, customizing, and printing these editable cactus tags. You can find the editable tags HERE. Be sure to check back tomorrow for another back-to-school craft using Fiskars Products!