Watermelon Craft for Kids

Nothing screams summer like this watermelon craft for kids! It is back-to-school time for many of us and we are diligently getting our classrooms ready and planning for the first week. This low-prep watermelon craft for kids is fun, easy, and will have your students saying, “We Are One in a Melon!”

I am teaming up with Fiskars to provide you with five, back-to-school crafts throughout the week. This sweet treat watermelon craft for kids is a great reminder of how truly sweet each and every student is.

Please note that I am partnering with Fiskars and am compensated for my work. I received product free of charge, but all thoughts and opinions are 100% mine.

Fiskars scissors makes this watermelon back-to-school craft both fun and safe for my kindergarten students! Be sure to check out all educational products that Fiskars has to offer by Clicking Here. Let’s grab our supplies and let’s get started!

The one thing that I love about this craft is how easy it is to prep with Fiskars circle punches. As teachers, we don’t have a lot of time in the beginning of the year to prep activities that take a long time. This is one easy craft that your students will absolutely love. Plus, it works on their fine motor skills, too!

turn your craft into a fun counting activity! Label each watermelon base with a number and have your students glue on the number of seeds that corresponds to the number on the watermelon!

1. Cut Outer Layer

Use your Circle Lever Punch (XXXX-Large) to punch out green circles for the base layer of your watermelon. This tool makes cutting circles so easy and it provides a clean cut every time!

2. Cut Inner Layer

Now it’s time to prep the inner layer of your watermelon kids craft! Use the Circle Lever Punch (XXX-Large) to punch out pink/red circles.

3. Adhere layers

Place the inner layer of your watermelon on the outer layer and adhere with your favorite adhesive.

4. Add Watermelon Seeds

Add watermelon seeds until you are happy with the finished product. I used the scraps from the Floral Frenzy Intricate Shape Punch (2″) as the seeds for this craft. If you are looking for much larger seeds, you can use the petals from the Petal by Petal Squeeze Punch (Large).

5. Cut Watermelon in Half

Use your Original Orange-handled Scissors™ (8″) or your Pointed-tip Kids Scissors (5″) to cut some of your watermelon pieces in half.

6. Download, Personalize, and Print Editable Tag

Add the final touch by downloading, personalizing, and printing these editable “We Are One in a Melon!” tags. You can find the editable tags HERE. Be sure to check out my “Back to School Cactus Craft for Kids” and my “Flower Craft for Kids” post! Check back tomorrow for another back-to-school craft using Fiskars Products!


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